Saturday Night Wonders - Every Saturday 7:30 pm

Every Saturday night at South Street Magic Theatre, we feature different local and visiting magicians as they provide a fun and amazing show of magic, mind reading and variety skills.


We'll be rotating through different performers, so call ahead or check the website to see who is onstage this week. But rest assured, every show will be an outstanding display of magic, skill, and laughs that you'll enjoy no matter what your age or interests.


Come on in; we'll see you soon!

Saturday Night Magic with Peter Pitchford - August 23rd 7:30 pm

Peter is a strange amalgamation of superb skill, expert dexterity, amazing agility, suave suppleness, and maladroit clumsiness.  Enter Peter Pitchford, the debonair dunce, the sophisticated klutz.  His supreme manipulative abilities will amaze audiences while his inescapable calamity adds emotional depth that surpasses crude humor, overused jokes, and bland presentation.  The combination of skill and misfortune allows the audience to share moments of laughter, of grief, of inspiration, and of triumph.  Peter has been working as a full time professional for over five years. He has been studying the art for around fourteen years.  He is also the former president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 6 (Philadelphia/Springfield). South Street Magic welcomes Peter Pitchford back with open arms as his show is always a must see event!!

Harrison Lampert - September 4th 8:00 pm

Harrison Lampert, originally from Philadelphia, has been performing in Los Angeles for the past few years. He has been featured in various clubs around town and produces his own stand-up, sketch, and magic show that he is proud to say is the longest titled show in Hollywood and perhaps Los Angeles. He has also appeared in the film "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone." He is excited to be visiting Philadelphia and to be performing his full length stand-up and magic show. Philadelphia has taught him many things, allowing him to develop his craft, to properly apply a fake mustache, and being the home to his favorite Chinese restaurant (get ready Kin Wah Garden!) and he is excited to be back! So come on by, he won't be in town very long and his show is only one night, it's stand-up! it's magic! it's September 4th at 8:00pm. It's going to be a hoot!

Every Other Wednesday is Open Mic night 7:00 pm

Would you like to perform on the South Street Magic stage?  Do you want to test out any material, or just have some fun while performing? South Street Magic's Open Mic Night is the event for you.  The night will be hosted by the one and only Dan Hauss and will be followed up with many surprises for everyone. Lets make this Open Mic Night an amazing one. Don't forget to bring anything you need to perform your magic.

Click View Event to see dates

Strange with Dan Hauss - Every Friday 8:00pm

Take a strange and beautiful journey through the imagination and mystery of Dan Hauss.  Dan is one of magic's most prolific modern creators; come experience his high-energy show for yourself!

Francis Menotti's Gallery of Magic - Every Saturday 7:30 pm

Dark, witty, and full of amazement! Join one of today's most original magicians on a short journey through imagination and impossibilities. Francis Menotti's Gallery of Magic walks you through an interactive display of many of his most internationally acclaimed presentations that have amazed, amused and inspired audiences on six continents. Whether shuffling his words with his cards, accidentally predicting the future, or showing how a trick is performed by the clay people living in his stomach, Menotti ensures you will not soon forget this evening of sleights, sights, and stories.


A full time professional magician since 2000, Francis has over 30 years experience practicing sleight of hand. Whether entertaining on six-star cruise lines, U.S. Presidential Inaugural Balls or intimate private events, Francis consistently impresses. He has also earned respect as an international industry leader, inventing, writing and lecturing on new magic for fellow magicians in theatre, television and film.

Sunday Family Fun Magic Show - Every Sunday 1:30 pm

South Street Magic offers a great Family Fun Magic Show for everyone to enjoy at 1:30 p.m.  Music, dancing, laughing and amazement. Tons of audience participation... you're gonna love it. The show stars the one and only Mr. Messado!!

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