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South Street Magic is Philadelphia’s only full time Magic Shop and Theatre.  The retail shop is home to the most recent effects for magicians as well as amazing easy to do magic for anyone and all ages!!  We always have hundreds of tricks in stock.  If you ever wanted to amaze your friends and family a stop into South Street Magic is a must.


The South Street Magic Theatre is open all year round with 5 shows every single week.  Our range of shows are for everyone to enjoy.  From Mentalism, pure sleight of hand, grand illusions, and a family fun show for the entire family to enjoy.  You have to see these for yourself.


13 Steps To Mentalism

The "bible" for magicians interested in "Mental Magic" written by Tony Corinda. Includes Swami Gimmicks, mental tricks with cards, slates, billets, clipboards, blindfolds, Q&A acts, mediumistic stunts etc.

Karnival Hornets

A beautiful borderless 'Skull & Crossbones' back design.

Karnival Hornets are printed on high grade Bee Stock for a slick & smooth feel

Extreme Burn 2.0

Show 4-5 bills cleanly, one at a time, on both sides. Lay them FLAT OUT in your hand. With NO COVER whatsoever, shake the bills. INSTANTLY they change.

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